The Way Start a YouTube Channel

You will be showed by Jason Rich, marketing and public relations consultant in his book Entrepreneur Magazine’s Ultimate Guide to YouTube for Business, how to master the secrets of successful “YouTubers” and put your service, brand or product in front of millions of potential viewers. You will be walked together with the author through the process of designing your own YouTube channel in this edited excerpt.

Just a few minutes for the process established your own YouTube channel takes. Then you have to adjust a handful of options, upload your photo or logo, and link your channel with your other online social networking accounts, such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter, you will want to customize the channel.

Firstly, you need to create your free Google account. When you are beginning a YouTube channel for your business, you have to set up a separate Google/YouTube account from scratch, use a unique and nonpersonal email address. That way although without you having to give out your personal Google account username and password, the channel can be run by somebody else from your organization. Do not forget that with each Google account can associate with only one YouTube channel.

Recently, for businesses, there is no such thing as a specialized business account or YouTube channel. Thus, you will need to customize a standard YouTube channel’s settings so that it best caters to your audience and showcases your business, its image and brand, and your videos.17 TIPS FROM THE INDUSTRY

These steps can help you create a unique Google account:

  1. To launch any web browser on your computer that is connected to the internet and visit Ad Inferno
  2. To click on the “Sign In” link that is displayed near the top-right corner of the screen from the YouTube homepage.3. With the Google logo in the upper-left corner, the YouTube “Sign In” screen appears, in the upper-right cornerclick on the “Create an Account” button that is displayed. To first create a new Google account, you will be prompted.
  3. To fill in the fields at the “Create a New Google Account” screen. Let’s enter your first and last name. And choose a unique Google username as you will be instructed. Then, enter your birthday and gender, create and confirm a password for the account and also your mobile phone number and current email address. For instance, when you are made a YouTube channel for your business or service, prompting for your current email address, do not use a personal email address. From the pull-down menu, select your location, agree to the “Terms of Service” that are listed on the screen. To continue click the “Next Step” button.

You choose what the Google username is, it will be also to become your YouTube channel name, and a free Gmail address will be issued to the account. Let’s use your business name as your username or select something that is clever and that your intended audience will identify with. Remember, the username or channel name should be easy to spell and then people will remember. For instance, when your YouTube channel will be promoting a product, to consider using the name of the product (assuming it is not copyrighted or trademarked by someone other than you or your business) as the same your username.

  1. Moreover, you will need to design your Google Account Profile. This step is an optional profile photo that includes uploading. To do this, click on the “Add Profile Photo” button. And to continue, click on the “Next Step” button. As opposed to a personal photo or headshot, you have to upload a company logo or product photo when you are creating an account for your business or organization.
  2. In the part of establishing your Google account, let’s click on the “Back to YouTube” button.
  3. You will get 2 emails from Google in a few minutes. The first email will ask you to verify your current email address. To do this, simply click on the link provided within the email. And details about your new Gmail account will be contained in the second email. For later reference, let’s save the information within this email.

To Transform Your Google Account into a YouTube Channel

You can easily establish and customize your own YouTube channel, and populate it with your own videos by using your Google account which also serves as your YouTube account for watching videos. You will have a valid Google account set up if you create a free YouTube channel as follow these steps:

  1. With the address, let’s access and sign in using your Google account username and password. The main YouTube home screen will be showed.
  2. You will see your account profile picture near the upper-right corner of the screen. To reveal the Google Account Menu, which will also be showed near the top-right corner of the screen, click on it.
  3. In the upper-right portion of the screen, click on the “My Channel” link. The “Create Your YouTube channel” screen will be displayed. You will see your profile photo, also your username and/or first and last name displayed from this initial screen. In order to customize your Google profile, which will be your identity containing public information about you that people will see online, click on the “Edit” link that is associated with the “From Your Google Profile” option .
  4. You will see 4 options that it was labeled “Like a video,” “Comment on a video,” “Favorite a video,” and “Subscribe to a channel”, under the “Activities you’ll share on your channel” heading. To the checkbox that is associated with each activity you would like people who visit your YouTube channel’s page to be able to do, let’s add a checkmark.
  5. Click on the “OK, I’m Ready to Continue” button. Now your YouTube Channel has been created. By uploading videos to it, the next step is to start populating your channel.


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