Using Pinterest for business: tips & tactics

But do not neglect the words

Sure, we have just told you that Pinterest is a visual medium—but great visuals alone aren’t enough to makethe serious engagement. Make the most of the description field to tell viewers exactly what they’ll get if they click through to the linked content on your site. Ensure to include your most important keywords to help your Pins appear in search.

The description in this Pin from incorporates some good keywords related to power outages while still sounding like it’s written for people rather than search bots:

Weall freak out when we hear about an oncoming hurricane, but your house could lose electricity even during a run-of-the-mill rainstorm if a branch lands the wrong method on your power line! While most outages last only a few hours, power outages that last days/weeks can be a real hardship, and even a short outage has the potential to endanger you & your family if you don’t respond properly. To make sure you are prepared the next time the lights go out, here are 10 things you should never…

If you create multiple Pins with different images pointing to the same content, ensure to create a unique description for each one.

Make sure that linked content delivers on what you promise. Quality content will get Pinners excited about following & interacting with your brand both within & outside of Pinterest. On the other hand, Pinterest penalizes Pins with broken links, so ensure all of your Pinned links are correct & up to date.

Use Rich Pins when appropriate

Rich Pins are enhanced Pins that use metadata pulled from your site to support extra information about what Pinners find when they click on a Pin. Rich Pins are available for apps, recipes, products, and articles—in other words, they’re almost certainly applicable to the content you are Pinning/hoping that others will Pin from your site.

For instance, Rich Pins for articles include a headline, the name of the author, the date the article was published, and a story description. They specifically indicate that the link points to an article, and include a call-to-action button that says “Read it.” For instance, take a look at this Rich Pin saved from the Grammar Girl website:

Follow these instructions from Pinterest to get your site set up for Rich Pins.

Get social

Pinterest is a social network, not a billboard. If you want people to engage with your Pins, you’ll want to be engaged yourself. Follow boards or accounts from relevant but non-competitive brands in your industry, and ensure to actively like and engage with Pins related to your niche.

You can get employees and brand evangelists involved in your Pinterest network by inviting them to contribute to group boards. For instance, Allrecipes has a board where more than 100 of its “AllrecipesAllstars” contribute Pinned recipes. The board has been a great success for Allrecipes, attracting nearly 400,000 followers.

Use analytics to improve results

Pinterest Analytics provides necessary information about what types of content perform best on the network, so you could tweak and improve your Pinterest for business results over time. You will be able to see which Pins are most popular & which drive the most traffic to your site, so you could focus on the metricsthat matter most to your particular business.

You’ll see which boards your Pins are included in, which can give you a sense of how people think about your business & your products, and spark new ideas for how to position your Pinterest efforts. And you will get information about the demographics & interests of people who interact with your Pins, providing valuable insight to help you target your plan to precisely the right audience.

For instance, the fashion brand Reiss was surprised to learn that their menswear Pins drove more clicks & impressions than Pins of women’s clothing. They quickly revised their previously female-focused Pinterest plan to target more men, brought in even more male followers& saw a large jump in referral traffic to their menswear pages.

“They say that every man looks powerful & confident in a suit, and that could not be more true of the way I felt when I first tried it on.” Reiss Personal Tailoring NYC34REISSREISS | TAILORING

You could access Analytics directly from your profile by clicking the Analytics tabon the top left of the screen, learn more about the details of using Pinterest Analytics to fine-tune your plan in our post on Pinterest Analytics for business.

Try Pinterest ads

Promoted Pins are a great way to get your Pins seen by more people, creating new exposure for your brand. But Promoted Pins could provide exposure well beyond what you pay for. Internal Pinterest data shows that advertisers get an average of 20 percent more organic clicks in the month following the launch of a Pinterest ad plan.

Clicking on the more icon (…) brings up a statement describing who paid for the ad. For instance, take a look at this Promoted Pin from Style Bistro.

However, when Pinners save your Promoted Pins to their boards, they become regular organic Pins, so the promotional labels are stripped out. For example, here is what that same Pin looks like once saved to a Pinner’s board.

We walk you step-by-step through how to create a successful Pinterest ad plan in our complete guide to Pinterest ads.


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