Twelve Essential Social Media Cheat Sheets

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Getting around a social media site isn’t always easy. For some users, it is a matter of getting used to social media. The issue is keeping up with constant updates & changes to features, privacy settings and account specifications. Of course, This is why social media cheat sheets exist.

Cheat sheets are infographics that can give a user a simple rundown of various features & how to use them. Here is a roundup of great cheat sheets.


  1. Google+ Cheat Sheet by Simon Laustsen

This’s a nice little cheat sheet that covers what most users are going to need. For instance, you’ll know how to create circles, add content and tag items. It gives you a couple of hot keys to use, like the ‘J’ key for scrolling down posts and ‘Q’ to bring up the chat window.

  1. Photostream Cheat Sheet

This sheet is more explanatory. It shows you how to tag, share, edit, and adjust the settings for photos, while giving you some facts as you go along. It is not complete, but it is a nice look at how to share updates & navigate Google+.

  1. Complete Google+ Cheat Sheet

If you need a more complete list of the main functions of Google+ this one gives you all the hot keys, basic tagging and more. It covers things like chat features & how to make the site more intuitive for browsing.


  1. Facebook Sizes & Dimensions Cheat Sheet

With Timeline as the standard layout for FB accounts, it’s more important than ever to know the different size & dimension requirements for customizing a page. This sheet bury all of the vitals.

  1. Facebook for Newbies Cheat Sheet

If you know so little about FB that you continuously write status updates on other someone’s walls, this is a must-read sheet. It is a good step-by-step guide for anyone who feels clueless.

  1. Facebook Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

We’ve touched on the fact that many cheat sheets have hot key codes. But you could be wondering what this truly means. These are shortcuts that have been programmed by the site to let you to press a couple of keys to bring up commands. For instance, if you have IE as a browser you can hit ALT & the number 3 to bring up your pal request page. This sheet offers a rundown of all of these command codes.


  1. Complete Twitter Cheat Sheet

This admirable document shows the different Twitter hot keys, if you want to learn the basics or get into the more complicated instances.

  1. Twitter Newbies’ Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet can be especially valuable for newbies who do not know how to reply, private message or re-tweet.

  1. Manners Cheat Sheet

You have doubtless noticed that there is an exact kind of etiquette on Twitter. This infographic expose you the different ways of making sure that you care proper etiquette, unusually when using this social networking site for professional aims.

General Social Media Cheat Sheets

  1. Blocking Cheat Sheet

People fail to understand how blocking on social media works. This show you what putting in a standard block will do on each of the 3 main sites we just covered.

  1. What is Not Allowed Where

This one outlines most of the official rules on Twitter, FB, Google+, LinkedIn, Quora and Reddit. Keep it handy next time you plan a battle on social media to make sure you’re in line with the official TOS.

  1. Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts

If you’re keeping up with all 3 social networks mentioned in this list, keeping track of all those keyboard tricks is not easy. This is a great cheat sheet of the most important ones.

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