A Detailed Review About the Rich Dad Summit 2017

If you are looking for real effective ways on how to make money online, then you’re going to love this review. The beauty about this kind of learning is that it makes it extremely possible to make money online and you might do so if you only follow it religiously.  

If you want to know more about the Rich Dad Summit, then you came to the right place. Or, you may have heard a lot about the Rich Dad Summit on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. 

What Is The Rich Dad Summit 2017? 

The Rich Dad Summit 2017 is a live 2-day online event. In this event, attendees will learn the secrets on how to build long term passive income through entrepreneurship, while becoming financially intelligent most especially in investing. 

Simply put, The Rich Dad Summit is an online liv training that will last for 16 hours and here, you will be able to learn about Financing, Real Estate investing, and entrepreneurship, as well as how to make passive income in almost any aspect of business, no matter what the nature of your business is. The training will be held for 2 days and that will fall on a weekend – Saturday and Sunday. If you want to know more about it, then  continue reading. 

The Rich Dad Summit 2017 Speakers 

In this live 2 day online summit, you’ll especially hear from 4 popular influencers in the online industry. They are:   

  1. Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad
  2. Anik Singal, Lurn Founder and CEO 
  3. Kotton Grammer, Marketing and SEO Guru
  4. Fred Lam, eCommerce Millionaire 

As you can see, every one of them are seven figure earners and they also started from nothing as well as went on in order to build offline and online empires.  

Is the Rich Dad Virtual Summit for You? 

This summit is perfectly suited for starters who want to know the best place to start their business or maybe business novices who are looking for the most important ways in order to grow their business online and offline. 

The Cost of Rich Dad Live Summit 2017 

In order to attend the virtual live summit of Rich Dad, you need to pay 1 USD.  

Is There Any Upsell? 

Yes, there’s a product which is called the 5 Money Rules that cost you 97 USD. 

Is There Any Downsell? 

Yes. There is a product that is called the 5 Money Rules Lite, which costs 47 USD. 

Are There Bump Offers? 

Yes, there’s a bump offer like the Rich Dad Insiders that will cost you 67 USD and you can also have fourteen days trial to find out if this tool is right for you.  

Exact Date of Rich Dad Live Summit Broadcast 

The exact dates of the Rich Dad Summit’s broadcast is on December 9, 2017 and December 10, 2017. 

 When Can You Register to the Rich Dad Summit 2017 Event? 

The time you can register to the live summit of Rich Dad is on November 29, 2017. 


Ok, I think that sums up this chance overall picture pretty great. This is a excellent opportunity and one you don´t want to miss. The price $1 makes it a complete no-brainer (at least in my humble opinion) and the fact that you will learn from some of the best in the world makes this (without a doubt) to a 5 out of 5 stars chance.

I hope you found this brief review on the Rich Dad Summit to be helpful and now you must have a better understanding of what it is and if it’s something for you or not. In case you’ve attended it, or another event with Robert Kiyosaki please discuss your experience in the comment section below. Moreover, in case you have some other questions on this review I’m more than delighted to answer them below.


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