Social Optimizer Review

Social Optimizer Review – We all know that the majority of businesses are marketing on FB. And with over 1.79 billion active monthly users, it just makes sense.

Everyone’s target audience is spending regular time on this network – and these people are using it to make buying decisions each day.

Okay, so now you’ve your FB ads. And it’s time to start crunching numbers and analyzing campaign results.

This itself already presents 2 challenges:

1. Struggle in analyzing campaign results and wonder how to scale your income.

2. Lack of resources (time & money) in finishing the task.

That’s why me & my team came up the Ultimate ROI Booster Social Optimizer

Imagine being able to predict with laser-like precision your profitability from every campain without slaving away crunching numbers, or worse yet spending hundreds of dollars each day on outsourcers to do the same.

Data automatically pulled from your FB ads so you can easily track the success or progress of each Facebook campaign realtime.

Here is what you get:

– Advanced Sales tracking
– 24 real time ROI tracking
– True lifetime accuracy
– 1-click integration
– Endless metrics
– and so much more…

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Exatcly What Is Social Optimizer ?

For the first time ever, an all-in-one automated system with direct FB ads integration that will allow your users to automatically track data & important metrics across every single campaign a user runs with FB ads across any platform online. All of this under one dashboard, to get a clear view of your business performance and your important numbers and metrics.

How Social Optimizer Works

Integrate your FB ad account and set up a campaign (only need to setup once per FB campaign).

Once integrated directly with their FB ad account, everything is pulled automatically and aggregated into our software for the convenience of the user and your key metrics are automatically calculated in realtime, 24 hours a day seven days a week. You no longer need to log into numerous merchant accounts or run 100’s of custom ad reports to see how everything is performing.

You can log in at any time of the day and see how your business is performing.

Let Social Optimizer do the work for you, as it automates the entire process:

  • No need to setup a spreadsheet or write in a notebook or even worse, do your numbers in your head: Earnings and expenses are directly extracted from your Facebook ad account & Social Optimizer aggregates that data under one dashboard for a clear view of your business.
  • No need to log into numerous merchant accounts (affiliate networks, page builders, ecom stores, tracking software, etc.): Access all your data under a single tool.
  • No longer need to manually enter your earnings from each account in to your spreadsheet: This will save you hours of getting stuck into number crunching and data analysis.
  • No longer need to open your Facebook ad account and individually record ad spend for each campaign: Once a campaign is set up, it’s automated for life.
  • No need to manually calculate total + per campaign key metrics such as revenue, ad spend, profit, ROI etc.: Social Optimizer automates the process of tracking key metrics are automatically calculated in realtime, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Social Optimizer Overview

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3 SIMPLE Steps To Maximizing Your ROI & Profits:


Login to the cloud-based software…


Connect your Facebook ad account & merchant accounts… the tool handles every type of earning account from affiliate networks through to eCom stores, websites, sales funnels & more…


Get ALL your key stats including sales, costs, ROI & other crucial metrics in REAL time – updated 24/7 so you know precisely how to scale your campaigns…

1 Click Integration Software Will Give You The Advantage You have Been Looking For With Your Facebook Campaigns

Advanced Sales Tracking

This tool is the first platform to bridge the gap between FB ads and every single other platform around to provide aggregated performance results under one dashboard.

24/7 Realtime ROI Calculation

Whether you’re currently spending hours inserting data into spreadsheets every morning or running numbers through your head (big mistake), just to know where your campaigns stand or whether you are hiring somebody to do this for you (costing you cash), you can now eliminate that process completely! Sit back, take a sip of your coffee & analyse your stats directly from our dashboard.

True Lifetime Accuracy

Errors while manually inserting data from hundreds of ad sets & campaigns daily are unavoidable. Our software guarantees 100% accuracy so you can focus on what matters Growth

1 Click Integration

Don’t worry about any complicated installation. Our web-based tool allows you to integrate your FB ad accounts with 1 click (we also have 1-click integration with Shopify for convenience)!

Extra Costs/Income

Included Factoring in extra income or expenses such as shipping costs, merchant fees, labour & more is essential to knowing your real numbers but it’s a mission to calculate. we handle this for you!

Endless Metrics

Not only does our tool calculate your ROI, but it includes detailed statistics on every single one of your campaigns, right down to ad sets or campaign levels. Focusing on scaling and growth has never been easier.

Organizational Dream

Sorting through hundreds of sheets and tabs can be a logistical nightmare, trying to find one piece of campaign information. Using our software, everything is securely organized and easy to find


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