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ShopiRater Review

ShopiRater Review – ShopiRater is an brand new app that we realistically hope to scale to 7-8 figures & sell to large commercial businesses. This taps into the massive chance and market of personal ecommerce stores (and aff stores, too) that’re set to explode over the next 5 years.

Automatically flood your store with a ton of LEGITIMATE positive reviews, gain instant authority & generate VIRAL EMAIL TRAFFIC on autopilot sending your sales through the roof…

So, what does ShopiRater do?

ShopiRater is the only app today that lets Shopify & WooCommerce store owners to set-up & automate incentived-based review campaigns & viral email traffic campaigns that assist grow your store & brand for you.

In just clicks, you can easily automate campaigns that give away coupons, bonuses, free products, and more in exchange for a positive review for your store that target previous customers. Then, for those who left a positive review, you can easily have ShopiRater ask them to refer the product via email using a special widget for an extra bonus or incentive to drive traffic.

Plus, this’s a great way to add value, assist distinguish yourself from similar stores, and build your brand & tribe right off the bat.
But, that is just the start. You can insert email automation sequences to upsell or cross promote products, insert social proof and fully customise your product reviews widget, and way more.

ShopiRater Review And Overview

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What Is ShopiRater?

ShopiRater will automatically chase down your clients for you and offer them a strong incentive to leave a review…
… so you get more reviews, on total autopilot, and turn your store into a trusted authority & sales converting machine that puts money in your pocketlike clockwork.
And even better — ShopRater automatically asks every happy reviewer to share the product with friends for an extra incentive and driving cost-free traffic to your store.
You get instant social proof with a lot of real looking reviews, and the app drives viral email referral traffic for more sales without having to lift a finger.

Grow your ecommerce or aff store 100s of times faster today.

It is simple…

STEP 1: Somebody buys from your store.

STEP 2: ShopiRater automatically follows up with them offering free bonus coupons, gifts or discounts that insert value in exchange for a review at the date you specify on a landing page you can create.

STEP 3: The clients completes their review and is taken to a page to get their free gift & is also asked to refer a set number of friends via email to get an additional gift (you get to approve the review, too).

STEP 4: The client downloads their extra gifts, engages with your brand on the download page you create & your store gets more authentic reviews, free traffic & sales systematically.

How Does ShopiRater Work?

It works in just 5 simple steps:

Step 01: First, connect ShopiRater to your store and select to run a standard campaign, incentivized campaign that offers a reward for a review, or incentivized campaign with viral share ability that’ll also pull referral traffic in addition to getting reviews.

Step 02: Next, select what products you want this campaign to apply to, when the email should go out after the customer purchases and customise your emails.

Select to add follow up reminder emails or emails for related products in your store & customise your viral share email (or the email that will ask customers to share their review for an extra bonus/incentive).

Step 03: Design your incentive pages with our drag & drop builder, DFY templates, or connect a 3rd party page builder like LeadPages. This’s where you will showcase your incentive for getting a review.

Step 04: Then, customise the download page/viral-share page that’ll give users their promised gift, but also ask them to refer the page via email to friends for an extra incentive using a special widget.

Step 05: Customise the final thank-you or download page, hit submit, and watch the reviews & traffic start to pour in on autopilot! Plus, use this final thank you page to assist buyers engage more deeply with your brand as well as download their gift

ShopiRater Video Demo

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Features Of ShopiRater

Run brand-new and “incentive based” review gathering campaigns that drive traffic, too.

Run automated campaigns to previous customers of any product that showcase ‘incentives’ like coupons, bonuses, free products, and more that insert value on a landing page in exchange for a review.

Then, follow up with the revewers with an additional incentive for them to share it via email with friends for free traffic.

Drag-drop ‘incentive’ & ‘thank-you’ page builder

Use our drag & drop page builder (or connect any third party builder like ClickFunnels) to create gorgeous incentive pages to convert visitors into positive reviews or download pages, too!

Shopify & WooCommerce approved

We are working alongside Shopify themselves to ensure this app is good to go for the long haul and will never be taken down from their store.

Review moderation dashboard

Go over each review that comes to ensure nothing negative or slanderous is published on your store. Plus, this lets you quickly reach out and identify any clients that had a negative experience with your store, too.

Create AutoResponders & Followups for More Sales & Traffic

ShopiRater can follow-up multiple times with those who did not leave a review or click a link, can allow you to suggest related products to make more money via email, and can follow up with those who DID leave a review asking them to share the page with friends.

Use Shopify Simple SMTP or Connect Your Own – No Autoresponder Fees

No need to pay for an external autoresponder. You can easily use Shopify’s built-in emailer or even connect your own like your webhost or SendGrid for great inboxing with ShopiRater.

Works for ANY type of store

Whether you are selling your own physical products, dropshipping or running an Amz affiliate store, ShopiRater will automatically follow up with your customers to get you those sales—boosting reviews & free referrals.

Create Fully Customizable Review Widgets with Social Proof Elements

Reviewers can insert images or videos of themselves using the product & show their real name & picture for amazing social proof.

You can fully customise each review widget as well like adding FAQs like Amz, customise the color scheme, insert thumbs-up, thumbs-down features plus way more.

Auto-bonus delivery & customizeable ‘download’ pages for real action-takers

ShopiRater can allow you to customise your bonus download page to deliever not just the free gift, but let the chance for users engage more deeply in your brand or check out a related product to purchase.

Run ‘perpetual traffic’ campaigns that bring in free traffic you can count on

Shopirater comes with a viral email share campaign feature that encourages users to share the product they bought via email with their friends using an easy to use submission widget.

Plus, you can insert extra incentives for them to share the product with friends that’ll get delievered to them if the app detects they correctly entered their friends real emails.

Import or export existing reviews Got reviews on other platforms & stores?

ShopiRater lets you one — click import reviews in secs, even if those reviews are on completely different ecommerce platforms.

Verified reviews tag & social proof elements

Every approved ShopiRater review comes with a ‘Verified Review by ShopiRater’ tag — proving that these reviews are real, to further boost trust & sales. Plus, reviewers can insert images or videos of themselves actually using your product which can skyrocket conversions as well as drive traffic for advertising.

Detailed & meaningful stats

Detailed stats & analytics shows you which review incentive campaigns are working & which are not — including open rates, clickthrough rates, and more.

Insert FAQ features to increase conversions

Ever notice that FAQ tab next to Amz reviews? Now you can run your very own automatic FAQ section to increase sales with common FAQs for a specific product in your store!

Increase conversions & explode your sales with objection—killing FAQ’s that’re an essential part of each successful online store.

24/7 Support
ShopiRater is super simple to install & use, but if you ever need any support, we are right here to help, 24/7.

And ShopiRater is comprised 9 IN-DEPTH VIDEO MODULES with exercises & PDFs INCLUDING:

Module 01: Introduction

Here you will learn how to use the course & the strategy they will be taking to ensure you brand your store correctly to succeed long term, despite competition from bigger guys & copycats.

Module 02: Finding & Evaluating Your Niche

Here you will learn how to find a profitable niche for your store & what types of eCom stores will succeed in the future.

Module 03: Evaluating & Testing Product Ideas

The product you sell is obvisouly going to play a crucial point in the success of your store & brand. Here, they will go over how to come up with proven winners evaluate potential ideas to guarnatee success.

Module 04: Defining Your Brand & ‘Blue Ocean’

In this crucial module, they will go over high-level branding techniques to make your store stand out across the competition, even if you are selling similar products as somebody else!

Module 05: Finding the Products to Sell

They are going to go over finding A+ products to dropship, wholesale & even how to create your own prototype & manufactor a unique product from scratch.

Module 06: Getting the Traffic Part 1

They are going to give you our best strategy to drive cheap and relevant traffic to your store as fast as possible. Do not worry, this does not involve blogging, spending a fortune on PPC ads, or SEO that takes months to work.

Module 07: Getting the Traffic Part 2.

They are going to learn even more strategies on how to generate quality traffic as fast as possible to your store to guarantee success & get reviews.

Module 08: Conclusion: What if something is not working?

You will learn how to evaluate & fix issues that come up along the way so you can continue to grow your store & know it will be profitable for years in the future.


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