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Sharp Social Review

Sharp Social Review – World’s 1st ‘Social Responder’ Lets You Analyze People’s Emotions on FB & YTube And Turn Their Comments Into Cash!

  • See how your FB & YTube audience feel about you – happy, sad, confused, angry or neutral
  • See how your channel & content is performing -with beautiful, dean & easy analytics
  • Send public replies or private messages to entire groups of people – based on how they are feeling
  • Send targeted messages based on people’s emotions – no more lame chat bots or canned replies
  • Bulk delete negative comments in one click – quickly protect your reputation
  • Save many hours of manually messaging groups of people who are angry, confused or happy towards you – just select a group of people who feel a certain way, type a message, then hit send!

Turn social media into your own little sales machine, in just 3 steps…

  • Select a social media account from your dashboard
  • See how people are reacting to your posts and talking about you on social media – sort by positive, negative or neutral responses
  • Send a response & immediately send a public reply or private message to everyone who is either happy, sad, confused, angry or neutral about your post, your brand, or your business

Throw Away Those Stuffy & Complicated Analytics Tools!
Sharp Social provides you all the juicy data you would expect from a world-class analytics tool… but with one HUGE advantage…
… it shows you the sentiment and emotional status of anyone who mentions or interacts with you online…
… so you can respond appropriately & instantly, right from your dashboard instead of sending the same canned reply to everybody like other apps do.
And it is way easier to use than most analytics tools…

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Sharp Social Info

  • Creator: Abhi Dwivedi
  • Product: Sharp Social
  • Date of Launch: 2017-Mar-20
  • Time of Launch: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $67
  • Sales Page: Click here
  • Niche: General

What Is Sharp Social?

Sharp Social Review

Sharp Social is worlds 1st & only real artificial intelligence powered FB and YTube user engagement web-app. Send custom reply and private messages based on Angry, Happy, Confused etc emotional states of user comments & much more!

Sharp Social is a web based app that completely automates the process of user engagement.

Using IBMs Machine Learning & Sentiment Analysis technology, we scan all the comments & replies on your Fanpage and YTube channel, categories them based on their sentiments & emotions & sends them a custom response (reply back or private message).

Sharp Social can be used to engage users & brand reputation management, list building, direct sales, aff marketing & so much more.

This’s a perfect & a must have app for eCommerce, Shopify & TeeSpring (print on demand) marketers. Being able to understand what your users are asking for, how they’re responding to a certain product & more can assist you save a lot of money in ads testing.

PLUS all of this’s done automatically & the entire process once dialed in can work flawlessly without supervision. Check out the demo video to see how this works.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Take Action Today And You'll Also Get The Following Bonus!

Why Is Sharp Social So Powerful and Unique?

1. Get higher response rates -send targeted messages to people who feel a certain way & skyrocket your response rate!
2. Gain more trust -send super relevant replies & private messages & wave goodbye to robotic sounding chat bots and canned replies!

3. Send public replies or private messages – use public replies to protect your reputation & show great customer service… & use private messages to deliver offers, sensitive information, phone numbers, download links, coupon codes or whatever you want!
4. Not just for FB -analyze & mass message people across your FB and YTube accounts, all from a single screen!

How Does Sharp Social Work?

Sharp Social uses IBM’s Watson machine learning and our intelligent social monitoring technology to categorize people’s comments & responses into positive, negative or neutral sentiments or emotions like happy, sad, angry, etc.
It is similar to the same technology used by the CIA to see how people feel on social media…
… letting you see what people are feeling…
… & swiftly intercept their comments & reactions with targeted responses… to protect your reputation, clear up confusion & turn comments into cash!

Stop Being a Slave To Social Media – Allow SharpSocial To Bring You More Traffic, Leads And Sales The Easy Way!
✓ Improve trust & customer service response times
✓ Increase FB page responsiveness score
✓ Protect your reputation
✓ Turn negative comments into sales of Improve conversions eUncover winning content eSeparate yourself from the competition
And best of all…
You Save Hours Of Backbreaking Work!
Are you tired of manually messaging everyone who interacts with you across FB & YTube — wasting many hours replying to a handful of comments?
Not anymore…
… because with Sharp Social, it takes just 1 click to send a public or private message to hundreds, thousands or even millions of people who feel a certain way about you, your brand, or your content!

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What Are You Waiting for ?

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Take Action Today And You'll Also Get The Following Bonus!

Why is Sharp Social better Than other Apps?

1. Sharp Social uses sentimental & emotional analysis using machine learning based on IBMs tech. There’s no other app out there that does that. This’s HUGE!

2. Using Sharp Social you can actually see how many of your clients are happy & how many are hurting your brand.

3. All other apps simply allow you to private message the SAME CANNED REPLY to everybody on your fan page. BUT with Sharp Social you can easily send unique responses via PM or comment to angry, happy or confused clients. This way you are actually solving their problems & genuinely reaching out to them.

4. All other FaceBook apps either allow you to message immediately when somebody comments or only allow you to message when somebody messages you. WITH Sharp Social, you can easily reach out to everybody on your FaceBook and on your YTube channel.

5. Sharp Social is for FaceBook & YTube. Instagram & Twitter as well in OTO1. All other apps are only FB.

6. You can’t only respond to your clients based on their emotions & sentiments but also delete their comments immediately if you want.


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