Screen Profits Review – Capture Your Screen, Capture The Coin!

Screen Profits Review – This Skill Boosts Profits Automatically

People often wonder what sets apart the REALLY profitable marketers from those barely make a couple of bucks here and there.

You know what I am talking about. Some marketers sell THOUSANDS of units and seem to always get ALL the buzz and all the JVs while others barely even cause a tiny blip on the launch radar.

Screen Profits was designed form the ground up to make video marketing simple.

Let’s be honest, editing video is an intimidating task. It can seem a little overwhelming when you start to think about. How does the editor work? How do I get text to move the way I want?

Sadly… most people just skip out on making videos for their products, public relations, and even for their sales pages.

It doesn’t have to be hard. Now that Screen Profits is finally available, you can get the skills you need to make compelling videos that make bank.

Screen Profits Overview

Exactly What Is Screen Profits?

Screen Profits is devoted to teaching internet marketers, especially product creators, how to make high quality videos using simple tools. Creating compelling video doesn’t have to be hard. The Screen Profits series proves that.

Screen Profits Basic Training is created to teach upcoming video marketers how to make cash with video. Next, there is a discussion of screen capture software. Basic Training also helps members overcome all anxiety around editing videos and cuts the learning curve to using editors, especially Camtasia. Basic Training gives an extensive demonstration of editing software with Camtasia.

To provide material for the editing demonstrations, the GIMPY Logo Production series was created & edited in the Basic Training demonstrations. GIMPY Logo Production discusses the benefits of adding graphics, like logos for slideshow-based presentations, to content videos. This series also demonstrates how to create logos for video clips using the free graphics program GIMP. GIMPY Logo Production is included with the Basic Training as a bonus.

The Upsells include advanced video production concepts & techniques. Accelerated Profits shows the entire video production process, including training on the use of Audacity for Audio-first videos like sales videos. Accelerated Profits is the natural complement to those who want to know the entire video production cycle. Video Assembly Line is advanced training for those who are ready to maximize their production of video clips and want to know advanced Camtasia techniques. Although the techniques shown in Video Assembly Line are considered advanced, the nature of the training makes it simple for a total beginner to pick up once they are familiar with the Basic Training.

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Bonus From Screen Profits 

Our Personal Promotion Blueprint

We are giving you access to our very own affiliate blueprint that has been devised and perfected over the last 10+ years. This blueprint is our own point of reference for every affiliate campaign we run and it works for us every time. You can use this blueprint to ensure each campaign you run has the potential to bring maximum commissions.

TEN Ways to Effectively Promote as an Affiliate

This is my own personal guide that explains The TEN most EFFECTIVE Ways to Promote as an Affiliate. This really is pure gold for anyone who is struggling to promote as an affiliate, even if you are experienced, this guide is assured to help you greatly when promoting and product. You get the guide in PDF format as well as the Powerpoint presentation. PLUS, I’ll also throw in Master Resell Rights with this, so you can sell it on and also pass on the resale rights, for additional profit!

Online Ads and Website Traffic Course

Traffic is the bloodline of any website, this course will show you how to generate all the traffic you can handle from ads. If you thought you knew it all, then think again! There’s pure GOLD in this course! This is a SIMPLE but very EFFECTIVE method that anyone can follow.


Did you know there are all sorts of subtle little tricks and techniques that can make huge impacts in your market? Not just sales pages, but also your blog posts, emails, and even ad images. Once you unlock the secrets behind these selling strategies, you’ll be able to craft marketing materials that skyrocket your results and have your prospects buying faster than ever. This training package includes a downloadable MP4 video and full written transcript.


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