Marketing Hacks Vol 1 Review

What is Marketing Hacks Vol 1: E-mail Marketing?

Marketing Hacks Vol 1: E-mail Marketing is a 50 page PDF guide with 10 of the most powerful, revenue generating, list exploding email marketing tips ever found.

Everything in the course has been tested and proven to work many, many times. They cover everything from tips to grow your list, to how to structure your promotions for maximum effect, to exact swipe files that have proven time & time again to generate sales.

Each chapter is broken down into five sections. An Introduction that explains the history behind the Marketing Hack. An Explanation of how it can be used in your business. The Technical Setup of how the trick works. A Psychological explanation of why it works. And a General Thoughts section that provides quick tips to save you time & make make the “setup” easier.

Each tip is accompanied by full colour photos, reference links and all of thing you need to implement it and see the results right away. Best of all, each hack has immediate, measurable results. Making it EASY to justify the investment.

This is one of the most valuable, no-nonsense, impactful marketing products Adam has ever released. Implementing just one of these tips will have a dramatic and permanent impact on your customers business.

Marketing Hacks Vol 1 Overview

Who’s Adam Nolan?

Adam Nolan is a business and direct marketing consultant living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. His courses have been downloaded over 250,000 times & over 30,000 people have attended his presentations.

He is the chief copywriter at Nolan Direct Inc. and specializes in direct marketing, high leverage strategies & local small business advertising.

Adam has helped thousands of people, in all walks of life, build and scale successful businesses through his marketing courses and his Marketing Bootcamp program.

Here’s Just Some Of What You’ll Learn…

1 – How To Go From $0 To $183,472 With Free Products and E-mail Marketing: This incredibly effective viral marketing campaign is all they used to scale a brand new business from $0 to over $180,000 in just a few short months. This works in any market but is especially effective in “passion based” niches. It uses a simple “reverse psychology” marketing trick that enables you to scale lightning fast with a very small budget.

2 – The 70% Opt-In Rate Trick: This is easily the most dramatic, most effective marketing hack of the bunch. Every single marketer He have shown this to since 2012 has been floored! In literal seconds, you can take your opt-in rate from 20-30% to 70-80% without ANY extra work. Nobody has been able to beat this control. He is really proud of this one and I know you are going to love it.

3 – The 4 Day Rainmaker Campaign: Every. Single. Time. … that’s how often this campaign has made sales in the past five years. How do you like them apples!? Just copy these 4 “rainmaker e-mails” & paste them into your business. They have been responsible for over $500,000 in sales in my business alone. He do not think it’s a coincidence that they have also worked in every single clients business too! This may be the closest thing you ever get to “push button money.”

4 – The 2 Voices Technique: This is the “one-two” punch of e-mail marketing. You will learn a simple writing technique that can get you twice as many opens, twice as many clicks & twice as many sales. The best part, all your subscribers will LOVE you for this, they will become raving fans and open your e-mails even more! Oh… and guess what? This takes less than 30 seconds to setup!

5 – The Marketing “Checkmate” System: Pro chess players know exactly how many moves it’ll take to beat you before you even sit down. Would not it be nice if your e-mail marketing campaigns worked the same way? They can. Using the “Checkmate System” you will discover a simple pattern that will take all the guess work out of scheduling e-mails. This simple way of writing won’t only make you more cash, but it’ll save you time too!

6 – Cliffhanger Warm Up Sequences: Ever wonder why shows like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad & Walking Dead are so popular? They use story lines that hook readers from one episode to the next. And it works incredibly well. You will learn a secret writing formula that conditions your subscribers to open & click like never before! Bottom line: Implement these tips & your subscribers will open and read every e-mail you send.

7 – Auto-responder Hacks Picking an auto-responder should not be taken lightly! You need to make sure the tool you are using works for your business and your market. Many autoresponders do not let you promote affiliate products or products from certain markets. Knowing this ahead of time can save you a world of frustration later. These quick tips will help you pick the right tool for the job!

8 – 5 Minute Mini-Hacks You will get a handful of incredibly useful “5 minute hacks”. These little “marketing hacks” were not big enough to warrant their own section, but they are just as powerful. You will learn a simple trick to get 30% more traffic for FREE, how “personal e-mails” can increase your revenue, how to program your visitors to open and click, how to make your content easy to read and a whole lot more!

9 – The 9 Word E-mail. WARNING: Don’t use this on your entire e-mail list at the same time! This campaign is infamous. It’s an e-mail marketing “nuke.” It’s so powerful, and generates so many responses that it may cause your inbox to crash. But if you use this the right way, you can wake up dead lists, book more appointments than you can handle, and make sales at the push of a button.

10 – How To Get 1303 Targeted Leads For $0.05 Each! If the E-mail Marketing Hacks above did not get your attention this sure will! This incredible lead-gen. campaign still brings in dozens… sometimes hundreds… of subscribers every single day. The best part, every subscriber is primed & ready to buy right now! It’s the perfect list building strategy for your business!

Here’s Everything You are Getting

Marketing Hacks Vol 1: E-mail Marketing – $27 Value
Over 50 pages of the best e-mail marketing advice you will ever receive. From tips that will get you sales immediately to campaigns that will generate more leads than you can handle. Marketing Hacks Vol 1. is the perfect e-mail marketing shortcut for info product sellers, e-commerce marketers, coaches & even retail stores! No matter what type of business you run, these campaigns will work for you!

The 4 Day Rainmaker Campaign Swipe Files – $47 Value
This simple 4 day e-mail marketing campaign has generated over $500,000 in my business alone! Just copy, paste, fill in the blanks and watch the sales roll in. It’s literally generated sales every time I have sent it out over the course of 5 years! It’s the only campaign I have ever seen that has a perfect track record.

The Infamous 9 Word E-Mail Swipe Files – $17 Value
WARNING: DO NOT send this to your entire e-mail list. You’ll get hundreds (thousands) of people replying to work with you & purchase your products or services. This is the e-mail equivalent of a “nuke”. Use it sparingly!

The 2 Voices Outline – $17 Value
Get the exact template I use for my “1-2 Punch” e-mail marketing technique. This simple formula will double the number of clicks you get & make your subscribers open every e-mail you send!

My Cliffhanger Warm Up Sequence – $47 Value
The exact follow up sequence you will go through after purchasing this program! You will not only see first hand what my sales funnels look like, you will get to copy them yourself!

MarketerChat Facebook Group – $47
Join hundreds of other marketers just like you that are implementing and perfecting these strategies right now. Make new friends, find business partners & scale your companies together. This active community is always growing and we can not wait to see you in it!

And A Whole Lot More
There is literally so much included in this guide that it would be impossible to list everything here. Just know this – page for page, this is the most valuable e-mail marketing book available for purchase anywhere.

What About Upsells?

List Hijack – $27

List Hijack teaches one of the most effective forms of e-mail marketing today. Influencer marketing. It shows you how to partner with large community owners to get hundreds of sales and thousands of subscribers for FREE.

Many forum, blog & newsletter owners have thousands (millions) of subscribers and no clue how to turn a profit from them. So they show you how to reach out the right way, partner with these community owners and make a killing in the process!

You are walked through a simple 7 step process with video guides, text & swipe files. They even include outsourcing training so that the entire process is automated! Everything you needs to get setup and see results within days.

Who Should Use Marketing Hacks Vol 1?

Marketing Hacks Vol 1.0 the perfect e-mail marketing shortcut for info product sellers, e-commerce marketers, coaches & even retail stores! No matter what type of business you run, these campaigns will work for you!

Why Should You Get Marketing Hacks Vol 1.0 now?

If you only read one book on e-mail marketing this year, make it this one. There is no fluff. No filler. This product is packed full of the most useful campaigns, tips & tricks around.
These campaigns have been tested across dozens of niches over the past 7 years. They have been used in every business type, from e-commerce to info products. From services to local retail. These are the most effective, hard-hitting, sales driving campaigns they have ever discovered.
Now you have seen unique features and what this new training course can do for you? They’re not about to stop there. Buy them now to get exclusive bonuses from producer and don’t hesitate to get in touch with me to receive my reviews and some pieces of advice.

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