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Konversion Theme Review

Konversion Theme Review – Konversion Theme Is Easy-To-Use Theme Packed With Conversion-Boosting Features, Makes Your Shopify Store More User-Friendly & Faster Than Ever…

Why You Need Konversion Theme for “Shopify”…

  • Installation is simple & takes just 1 minute
  • You do not need any design or coding skills to customise this theme
  • Conversion optimization features are built-in & easy to modify
  • This theme makes it easy for your visitors to navigate your store and buy
  • Your store’s load speeds are immediately boosted with this theme (faster store = better conversions)

Look At The Results Real People Are Getting With Konversion Theme for “Shopify”

Before Using Konversion Theme for “Shopify”

After Using Konversion Theme for “Shopify”

Konversion Theme Info

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Awesome Features Of Konversion Theme

Konversion Theme for “Shopify” Is Packed With Features That’ll Take Your Store To The Next Level…

Lightning Fast Speed

Although Konversion Theme for “Shopify” is packed with features, the theme is light & designed to maintain superfast load times for everybody. Pages and products load quickly, regardless of internet speed. It has been proven time & time again that faster stores generate better conversions.

Mobile Optimized Sales Funnel

Browsing a store on a mobile device is one thing. Actually going through the process of buying something from a mobile device is much different. With Konversion Theme for “Shopify”, each aspect of going through the process of buying from your store works flawlessly on a mobile device. That means abandoned carts & missed sales due to a clunky mobile checkout process are a thing of the past.

100% Mobile Optimized

As more people go online with their smartphones to research & buy, your online store must make things simple on a mobile device. As an online shopper, there’s nothing worse than landing on a poorly mobile-optimized store.

That is why they put mobile first. They built this theme with the mobile user in mind, so it is extremely easy to navigate from ANY mobile devices.

Customise Your Collection Page

Right now, it is difficult to customise your Collection Page with a focus on conversions. With Konversion Theme for “Shopify” you can easily show or hide whatever you want on your Collection Page, giving you total control.

Add Call To Action Buttons

You can also customise the “call to action” buttons throughout your entire store. Their customized call to action buttons are designed with a focus on what works to hypnotically get people to click the button & ultimately make a purchase… today! You can customise everything on the buttons including the text and the look & feel.

Set Product Display Defaults

Select how many products you want to display in every row by default with Pagination or the Infinite scrolling.

Multiple Filtering Options

Categorize & group tags for filters. Use the default filters or the sidebar filters which are ideal for large inventory stores. This makes it easier for your visitors to find what they want. And the easier your store is to navigate, the more likely somebody will be to buy.

Select A Different Banner (Image) For Every Collection

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Because images are so important, they provide you the option to select a different banner for every collection on your Shopify store. This makes your store look more attractive & easier than ever to navigate.

Insert Timers & Product Limits On “For Sale” Products

Insert instant scarcity to your products for sales by putting limits on the amount available as well as a time when a discount ends. By inserting a sense of urgency on your “for sales” items, you will assist people make a buying decision today, instead of leaving your store to “think about it.”

Build Buyer Confidence Instantly

You can easily insert trust icons like money-back guarantees throughout your store to improve customer confidence and get more sales. The more confident your visitors are about purchasing from your store, the more they’ll buy.

Insert Upsell Products With A Few Clicks

The best time to sell more is when somebody has already decided to buy something. Inserting products as an upsell to a purchase will boost your sales per customer and Konversion Theme for “Shopify” integrates perfectly with the Ultimate Upsell App by Tabarnapp.

Make It Easy For People To Find What They Want

The easier it is to navigate & search for products on your store, the more you will sell. With their Smart Navigation & Search feature, people will be able to find what they are looking for right away.

If You Blog It… They’ll Come (This Will Get You FREE Traffic)

Almost all Shopify themes drop the ball when it comes to providing an easy-to-use blog. Our included blog is simple, will assist you get FREE search traffic, and give your users the valuable info they are looking.

Just 3 Simple Steps To More Sales…

Step #1: Install Konversion Theme for “Shopify”

Step #2: Easily Optimise Your Store For Conversions (No design or “tech” skills required)

Step #3: Watch Your Sales Increase & Make More Money!

Lock-In Your Discount On Konversion Theme for “Shopify” Right Now…

This easy-to-use and money making theme will increase your sales, make you money, and ultimately save you lots of time and headaches when it comes to optimizing your Shopify store for maximum conversions.

Because Konversion Theme for “Shopify” can insert thousands of dollars to your bottom line without any technical skills or experience, and without needing to hire a coder or designer, they originally planned to price this at $997 for a single user license.

Although Konversion Theme for Shopify is worth $997 PER license, you will not invest anywhere near that today…

Why You Need To Get Konversion Theme for “Shopify” Right Now…

The huge discount you have access to right now is just one reason to get Konversion Theme for “Shopify” right now…

On top of saving money on this powerful theme, you have to consider the money you are missing out on by NOT having a Shopify store that is optimized for the best user experience possible.

Each minute you wait is a minute you could be closer having a stunning & professional online store, better engaging your visitors, and ultimately making more sales & more money…


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