Influencer Marketing Academy Review

What Is Influencer Marketing Academy?

Influencer Marketing Academy is a training course, guiding you to use influencers as a marketing channels. The course has four key modules which provide you step-by-step training to achieve success with influencer marketing.

The author has spent months testing the system to ensure its success. Basically, Influencer Marketing Academy will save you tons of cash while increasing reaches. You’ll pay influencers to mention your product or business in their network of followers. This is a cost per post method so there will be no more complicated calculating for ads budget, cost per click, cost per view, or anything like that.

With a powerful influencer, you’ll see your business skyrockets in a short time. This is what the course want to deliver you. You can find more information on the course below in this IMA review.

Influencer Marketing Academy Overview

Discover how you can make DAILY sales of on-demand products on the world’s biggest e-commerce sites without spending ANY money

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About the Authors

Dan Dasilva is an eCommerce expert who has helped thousands of e-Commerce store owners go from nothing to multiple six figure brands. Dan has been able to construct new stores from scratch that go onto produce millions of dollars in revenue. Owning one of the most successful e-Commerce training brands in the world, he has helped hundreds of e-Com Marketers go from struggling to creating a life time income for themselves & their families.

Anthony was hired by Dan Dasilva to run his entire Influencer eCommerce marketing sector Anthony has been responsible for creating and aiding in seven figure ecommerce brands and developing strategies using influencer marketing techniques.

Influencer Marketing Academy Video

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Influencer Marketing Academy Review and huge bonus

Mark Your Calendar

  • January 3rd – Free Book Released + Free Video #1
  • January 5th – 2rd Video Released + Workshop Invite
  • January 7th – 3rd Video Released + Workshop Invite
  • January 8th – 4th Micro Video Released + Workshop Invite
  • January 9th – 1st Workshop / Cart Open
  • January 10th – 1st Workshop Encore
  • January 12th – Second Workshop
  • January 13th – Second Workshop Encore
  • January 14th – Last Workshop Invitation
  • January 15th – Last Workshop Invitation
  • January 16th – Last Workshop + Cart Closing

You Will Master:

  • How We Easily Use Influencers – To Take Us From $0 – $300 each Day Starting In Under 24 Hours With one Secret Little Trick That Costs PENNIES To Implement.
  • Watch Me Show You LIVE How We Turned A $50 Investment Into A $13,000 Payday Without Ever Having To Spend More Than 48 Minutes At My Computer!Influencer Marketing Academy Review-
  • How YOU Can Easily Start Using Influencers To Increase Your Sales In Less Than a Single Day

Here’s What You Get With Influencer Marketing Academy

Instant Access to Influencer Marketing Academy “IMA” (Value $4,997.00 USD).

Receive instant access to the most comprehensive and powerful IMA Course available. With Influencer Marketing Academy you will be able to find & launch profitable influencer campaigns. We will even teach you the way you can quickly create a store that is ready to go to start earning you money.

BONUS #1: 4 Week Step-By-Step Training (Value $2,997.00 USD).

You’ll have INVITE ONLY access to the world’s first four week intensive influencer training that will enable you easily crank out super profitable campaigns for your business with ease. Never have any of your questions left unanswered again, and the best part is – you can watch RIGHT from the comfort of your own home.

BONUS #2: Custom Done-For-You eCommerce Site Templates (Value $3,997.00 USD).

When it comes to creating high converting stores we know it can be SUPER stressful with all the coding, & technical little tasks you have to deal with. We’re going to give you a drag & drop Template that will get you up & running in under 10 minutes!

BONUS #3: The Influence Inner Circle (Value $1,997.00 USD).

Imagine being able to get private access to the world’s FIRST inner circle group of individuals who have access to over HALF A BILLION Instagram impressions. You’re NOW invited to join a ‘inner circle’ group of the BEST and up & coming influencer marketer just like yourself to connect & get the BEST deals and access to influencers you would have never been able to access before. This is a GAME CHANGER for anyone that joins Influencer Marketing Academy.

BONUS #4: eCom Growth System (Value $2,497.00 USD).

We have decided to bring on two of the best traffic coaches to teach you FB Ads & Google Ads as well. We wanted to give this to you as a Huge bonus to help make your decision THAT MUCH easier. We want to leave no stone unturned and cover EVERY ASPECT to help you grow your empire.

BONUS #5: 15 Done-For-You Templates (Value $1,997.00USD).

You can easily get up & running by taking our top 15 top converting ads & start using them for yourself. All you have to do is plug in your products to our templates, send them to your influencer & start watching the magic happen. ITs THAT simple!

ADDED BONUS FOR 1 PAY MEMBERS: Personal six Week LIVE Mentorship (Value $4,997.00 USD).

When it comes to YOUR success, we wanted NOTHING stopping you. We decided to provide you with PERSONAL – six weeks worth – of PRIVATE LIVE mentoring with other Influencer Marketing Academy students. Meaning you’ll be worked with by our coaches on a personal level – any questions? We’ve you covered. No other course offers this type of support like we do!


Influencer Marketing Academy is very professional product and greatest selection for you. I really want you to begin today with total peace of mind your investment is backup by a full 100% Satisfaction and MONEY BACK guarantee. If your getting in, then NOW’s time. Because pricing is rising as some others buy. you’re thanks for visiting vanish entirely, come back, and acquire this with a higher price. but it’ll be worth every penny. What Are You Anticipating ? Influencer Marketing Academy at the deepest PRICE


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