In this week’s Creator’s Tip, we want to illustrate you how you can discover the meta tags that a creator is make of using on any YouTube videos of them. Why is this information important? Well, there may be some specific search terms that you want video of you to arrange for but you are constantly being outranked by other content. A crucial feature of video optimization includes research; finding and firming the tactics that others have used to enhance content of them. Learning from others can really help in your own efforts specially for the more obvious factors as titles and descriptions. Tags are also a ranking feature, but because they are now hidden, you’ll need to do a little extra explanation work to find them: Vidio

Do YouTube Meta Tags Be Still Important?META TAGS FOR ANY YOUTUBE VIDEO

YouTube make a decision to take out the tags part from the video watch page on August 2012.

Keane from YouTube declared in a YouTube Help thread that they made a decision to take out the tags from showing up on the video watch page because some are misusing it.

Tags no longer show on this page – this isn’t a bug, but a change that went out this week. Having them on the watch page, in some cases, gave operators an opportunity to misuse tags by copying them from other videos. We also didn’t see much usage of tags by the average audience.

But that doesn’t mean that you should not tag videos of you. YouTube will keep on to make use of it for find and exploration purposes. Keane made clear:

Though tags don’t show on the video page, anyone who uploads should keep adding them to videos of you. Tags are still used to aid the discoverability of videos of you as they have before, the only distinction now is that they don’t show on the video page.

Discovering The Hidden Tags For Any YouTube Video

There are two methods to find the tags now hidden by YouTube for any video on the site (provided the disigner/uploader made use of any tags in the first place of course. One is really easy and one is slightly more technical, but they both give you the same results:

The Technical methodMETA TAGS FOR ANY YOUTUBE VIDEO1-compressed

Making use of Chrome browser of you, just come to visit any watch page on YouTube, and right click to discover the drop down menu.

  • To choose ‘View Page Source’
  • After that, make use of browser’s ‘Find Feature’ of you – – and input in the word “keywords”. This will carry two cases on the page, the truncated and the longer edition. To select the second, longer edition.
  • This will give you access to the tags used on that specific video.

The Straightforward edition

If you haven’t already downloaded it, go to and set up free Chrome extension of them. This extension will illustrate on any YouTube video watch page after you’ve set up it and will give you a lot of data about the video so it’s worth setting up for this sort of info at fingertips of you

The tags for the video (if there are any) are recorded at the bottom of the pop-up menu.

Meta Tags Are A Ranking Feature – But Not The Only One

Do not just copy and paste the tags from another video – you wouldn’t do it with the heading or the explanation and it’s the same with this factor. There are a huge amount of ranking features that YouTube make into consideration before coming back video of you for specific search result. Just making use of the tags that another disigner has uploaded isn’t going to take a great deal of distiction if you haven’t enhanced elsewhere, and of course, if video of you is tiring, inappropriate or of poor quality and so attracts a constantly poor watch time metric, no amount of video seo is going to take you rank #1 in a highly aggressive area. However, the usage of tags is significant so use the knowledge gleaned from other videos as part of enhancement plan.

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