Custom T- Shirt Packaging – Give Your Brand the Edge & Build Loyalty

If you have never considered custom packaging for your t-shirts, you may want to reconsider after read the article. It’s far too easy to get caught up in driving sales & neglect these finer marketing details, in fact, one of the most overlooked aspects of tee shirt selling businesses is packaging.

The majority of sellers focus on getting products out the door as easily, cheaply & quickly as possible. Cardboard boxes or envelopes are the most cost effective solution & can be purchased in bulk or issued by your drop shipper without a sweat.

The last thing you want is to be considered another one of those generic t-shirt sellers. You want to surprise your clients, leave a lasting impression that differentiates your brand from the rest forever. In this day & age, the market has been flooded with competition. If you want to take the lion’s share, you have got to have a bigger impact on your clients. Switching up the standard, expected packaging for something more fun & creative is an excellent way to achieve this.

Why It is Worth Going the Extra Mile

Some sellers are going to argue that making custom packaging is a waste of both time & money. They argue there’s no value as the customers have bought the shirt and care only about the product & not the quickly discarded packaging. They do not believe it warrants the added time, money and energy put into them.

Making Memorable Experiences

Yet, if receiving their t-shirt is a positive, memorable experience, they’re far more likely to sing your praises. This would be across social media platforms, word of mouth / even reviews.

When you seek a fun and exciting way to deliver shirts that represents your brand, you are placing yourself firmly into the hearts & minds of your shoppers. It shows that you are more than only a business, but someone who likes to be fun & creative as well. What’s more, it adds value to your sale & makes it easier for people to choose you over a competitor. It’s the very first thing they’ll notice & it if you can make their purchase feel more valuable, you’ll gain their loyalty.

Winning Hearts & Loyalty

Some of the brick-and-mortar stores get creative, but it is mainly an advertisement board for the journey home. If buy on Amazon, they are in standard orange letters / generic brown cardboard packages.

When you find a fun & exciting way to deliver shirts that represents your brand, you are placing yourself firmly into the hearts & minds of your shoppers. It shows that you’re more than just a business, but someone who likes to be fun & creative as well. What is more, it adds value to your sale & makes it easier for people to choose you over a competitor. It is also the very first thing they will notice and it if you can make their purchase feel more valuable now, you will gain their loyalty.

Surprisingly cool packaging is free viral advertising to friends, followers and even strangers. If they’re impressed enough to share, they will be sure to send a link to your store!

It Does not Need to Be Costly

Many sellers are afraid of the additional costs of getting creative & forgo it in favor of maximizing their profits. This is not going to do them any favours in the long-run, plus they’ll need to find other ways to differentiate themselves to draw their customer’s attention.

But it is not hard to find cost-effective creative ways to ship shirts. The small develop in shipping costs will be well worth it if you could leave a lasting impression & have buyers coming be back for more.

By selling t-shirts & shipping them in a fun, creative method will take your brand marketing to the next level. Since not many other sellers explore the idea, it is an opportune way to set yourself apart from your competition & receive a lot of positive attention from fans.

Making Your Own T-Shirt Custom Packaging

1. Choose a Medium Relevant to Your Brand

Those who have gone the custom packaging route can provide good inspiration. Some of the most adventurous have used hand-painted envelopes, coffee mugs, pizza boxes, old VHS covers they found at a thrift store. Others play it safe, opting for cylindrical cardboard tubes / other shapes with interesting branding.

But there is quirky to the point of being weird, there is unique with purpose. No matter what your shipping is going to be, it needs to tie into your product & brand.

If you choose to go simple or exotic, stop to ask yourself: “Does this make sense?” If it represents your brand as a whole, or fits the theme of every individual shirt, it has to be relevant. You run the risk of making your customers scratch their heads in confusion.

2. Consider Keeping it Low Key

With all of that said, your package design must be aligned with your brand. Not every brand needs far-out & wacky designs, instead opting for more serious & low-key designs. Always consider your target audience & customers first.

The other thing to consider is whether your products & business can handle these added expenses. Suddenly raising your prices to cover new may not always be the wisest move. There is always cheap packaging selections you can buy specifically made for shipping tee shirts. Even the smallest amount of color could separate your brand from the other guys when they are using the old yellow mailer envelopes!

Finally, another way some big-name sellers use is custom shipping stamps. Those are real postage stamps that can feature their name and brand, giving it an air of professionalism & an appearance that it cost far more than it actually did.

3. Consider Including Freebies

Your packaging is going to have the same effect. No matter how great it looks on the outside, it should not leave your buyer disappointed once they see the inside.

It does not matter if you use a generic package / a unique one; placing some freebies on the inside is a welcome surprise. It can even make a boring outside better or great package even more fun. Best of all, including a small item or 2 can be quite inexpensive. These may include items:

  • Stickers
  • Buttons
  • Postcards
  • Coupons/Discount Codes
  • A Playing/Trading Card
  • A Small Toy from a Discount Store
  • Balloons
  • Candy
  • Other small, inexpensive trinkets.

Another tried-and-tested can include a small, hand-written thank you note. It does not have to be large and it does not have to contain a lot of words; something unique that will leave a lasting impression.

Your aim here is to be unique; but not at the actual expense of going nuts. You do not want to include anything so large / heavy that it requires you to pay for additional shipping charges.

Get Packing!

Just remember, first impressions are everything. When it comes to packaging your products, this isn’t simply an expense; it’s an investment. Take this opportunity to impress both first-time and repeat customers and keep them coming back for more. It adds the value of unexpected “WOW!” factor and it makes them smile.

Now go and turn those buyers into thrilled customers by giving them something to brag about!

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