Commission Gorilla V2 Review

Commission Gorilla V2 Review

Commission Gorilla V2 – The System that changes everything?

No matter what you are selling, you need to add value by differentiating yourself from other marketers on-line.

Affiliate offers. Your own products. Even offline offers. Everything you promote will make more cash if you add value by simply offering a bonus.

Get this:

Affiliates who offer reviews, trust & added value make up to five times more cash than those who do not. 5 times. Do the math. That adds up to a whole lot of money.

The team at Promote Labs, Inc have tested this across over 52,000 affiliate sales, and it without fail it puts thousands of extra dollars in our pocket on every promotion. How much cash will it put in yours?

But here’s the thing:

Creating promotion pages takes too much cash & too much time. You need design skills, or you need deep pockets to hire a kick-ass designer.

That is why most marketers do not even bother.

Until now.

Because soon you can get your hands on the fastest, easiest & best way to create high-converting affiliate promotion pages.

You will not want to miss this & keep your eye on your inbox to learn more.

Commission Gorilla V2 Review – Overview

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What Is Commission Gorilla V2?

Commission Gorilla V2 is a web based, affiliate promotion page (bridge page) builder with a whole host of conversion boosting bells & whistles, combined with a bonus management system and an in-depth reporting & analytics engine developed exclusively for affiliate marketers.

The software reduces the time & effort typically needed to create a promotional pages & incorporates/automates many of their own winning affiliate marketing strategies that have generated $10M+ in sales commissions and prizes for them over the last 5 years…

You could say it’s the software for affiliates made by affiliates, but it goes deeper than that…Commission Gorilla v2 took their team over a year to develop & then it lived for 6 months in private beta (generating over a million dollars in affiliate sales before it’s public roll out) – frankly, there’s NOTHING else on the market like it or that even comes close.

How Does Commission Gorilla V2 Work?

You know it’s always the affiliates who get their promotions out first who often bank the biggest commission checks.

And with Commission Gorilla V2 you can move from finding a new offer to promoting it IN JUST MINUTES.

Promote New Offers FAST In Just 4 Steps:

Step #1: Pick A Product To Promote:

Commission Gorilla v2 can be used for any type of affiliate promotion across every network – On the JVZoo & Zaxaa networks you can automate your bonus delivery.

Step #2: Launch Page Builder

With the drag & drop page builder you can build pages anyway you like – Choose colors, drop in bonuses, add text and graphic blocks, buttons, social sharing – it’s easy!

Step #3: Drag and Drop Your Bonus Blocks

Thanks to the built in bonus block library you can set up & use bonuses again & again, store them & simply drop the entire block into your new bonus page(s).

Step #4: Start Sharing Your Page

When your page is complete, use the built in share function to promote it on FB, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or via email.

What Are The Great Features of Commission Gorilla V2?

The Power Packed Features That Make Commission Gorilla So Essential for All Marketers:

Bonus Library To Store Your Bonuses:

We have included 4 different bonus block layouts for you to select from & you can create and save an unlimited number of bonuses in your library so they are always ready to use when you need them for a new promotion.

=> It’s all about speed & convenience:

Making a bonus block is easy, it can be a simple image upload, or you can use the built in WYSIWYG editor to build a custom block from scratch. The bonus library also saves down-load/access information to automatically build out your bonus delivery page.

Drag & Drop Bonus Page Builder:

The key to a successful promotion is a great looking page built at speed. With our drag & drop interface you can fully customize how your pages look, add video, graphics, call-to-action buttons, social sharing, text blocks & more…

=> In minutes and all without ever touching a line of code:

Simply drop in your on-page elements, select bonuses from your library & save the page. Make edits whenever you need & the changes will INSTANTLY be reflected across all locations – your hosted by us pages, self hosted & WP integrations. You can also pause a page & redirect visitors to another URL if needed.

Start Promoting and Sharing Fast!

The second you have finished editing you can be first to market & start promoting your page.

The creators have built in Twitter, FB, Google+ & LinkedIn sharing options for you to use immediately for instant traffic. And you’ve the options to download your page (host it yourself), use our free hosting (you get a custom URL) or add the page directly to your WP blog with our free plugin.

As a time saving feature the tool will automatically build a hosted bonus delivery page for you, simply direct your buyers to this page & they can access their bonuses.

Power Up Commission Gorilla V2 With These PRO Features:

Choose Commission Gorilla PRO (see below for pricing) & the creators will add in 3 more powerful features guaranteed to turn any promotion into a commission grabbing machine… You will also automatically get ALL future Pro level add-ons!

Add Countdown Timers To Your Pages:

The creators use countdown (or scarcity) timers across all their promotions & the results have been astonishing! By limiting the time your bonus is available you are encouraging your visitors to take action right away or they risk missing out on a great deal.

You can use date specific or evergreen timers on all your pages with just a few clicks & select to automatically redirect visitors to any other page when the countdown expires (or simply reset the count-down to start again). Perfect for product releases and works great for ‘set and forget’ time sensitive offers.

Add Attention Bars To Your Pages:

We love attention bars… Adding a new bar to your page is simple and it’s a truly effective way to grab your visitor’s attention. Set them to display at the top of your page, change the colors &  fonts, add a timed delay – It’s up to you!

Use your attention bars to highlight a bonus, remind visitors about deadlines, link to demos or videos – You could even use them to link to other promotions or lead capture pages.

Add Exit Pop-Ups To Your Pages:

It’s a fact that not everybody who visits your pages will continue to your recommended offers. Our own testing reveals 50-70% will simply leave no matter how good your bonus is. But with exit redirects you get the power to recycle this ‘wasted’ traffic.

Send leaving visitors directly to the offer page (via your affiliate link) it can easily ‘save a sale’ , send visitors to a squeeze page to build your list, you can even show another bonus offer.


As you may know, Commission Gorilla V2 is going to be launched on 7 September of 2017 so that you need to make a wise decision right now to have this wonderful software. Particularly, there is a variety of price packages for you to select at this moment, but the price tends to go up dramatically with every sale. As a consequence, do not hesitate anymore since you may regret later.

Front End Basic – Commission Gorilla Standard Account – $27

First up is the basic version of Commission Gorilla. Just this version alone is enough to wow your subscribers with all of it’s powerful features.

Imagine needing to create a super incredible bonus on the fly for a promotion and not having days to do it…well now your subscribers will be able to whip up a power packed bonus in literally minutes!

For the basic version of Commission Gorilla, it’s limited to 20 pages, you can import other Commission Gorilla pages (not export) as well as have 10 Done For You Bonuses.

It will also include 7 and growing ready made bonus pages that anyone can use to promote and make commissions.

OTO 1 – Commission Gorilla V2 PRO UPGRADE – $37

  • Add Countdown Timers To Your Pages
  • Add Attention Bars To Your Pages
  • Add Exit Pop-Ups To Your Pages

OTO 2 – Commission Gorilla V2 Instant Bonuses Monthly & Commission Gorilla V2 Instant Bonuses One Time – $47

With this option, your referrals will get a ‘head start’ and have their bonus library all ready to go with done for you ready made bonuses.

They will instantly get access to 25 pre-done bonuses & an addition 2 each month. (NOTE: If they cancel the trial, they get the 25 bonuses, but not the 2 additional each month)

And while there’s a ton of value in this upgrade, here’s some important points to encourage your referrals to purchase:

Everything Is Already Done For You

Everything is covered from product research through to graphics, bonus copy & automatic product delivery.

All Future Updates Are Free

Don’t worry about updating content, we will ensure your bonuses are always up to date & fresh for your referrals.

You Can Add To Pages In 1 Click

The 25 Bonuses & the monthly bonuses are automatically added to your bonus library – Ready to go!

A Ton of Hot In-Demand Topics

We have covered every conceivable hot business & marketing related topic your referred buyers will ever need…
Plainly put, when your referrals get this upgrade – they will be ready to go with instant promotions!

OTO 3 – Commission Gorilla V2 Sales Page Bypass (Add On) – $67

With the sales page bypass, you will be able to leapfrog any vendor’s sales page &  still bank commissions.

It’s as simple as:

Create a bypass link and use it on your Commission Gorilla Page
Sell directly from your page
Collect your payment as normal, but with higher conversions!
You can use this option to pretty much ramp up commissions on just about any offer that you want to promote.

Plus, it includes the Black Dragon Protocol course that pretty much shows how to go from zero to hero in 90 days or less as a super affiliate marketer.

With the Black Dragon Protocol course, you will find out how to get more traffic, how to grow you list, and how to convert even the most lukewarm prospects into rabid buyers & fill your bank account with cold hard cash!

OTO 4 – Commission Gorilla V2 Review Block (Add On) – $17

This offer enables anyone to enhance their Commission Gorilla v2  pages with impressive, eye catching reviews. u00a0

It’s powerful add on to Commission Gorilla v2 that all of your subscriber will absolutely go head over heels for!

Here’s a quick summary of the features:

  • Unlimited Color Combinations
  • Up To 5 Rating Criteria Slots
  • 17 Criteria Styles: Animated Bars, Stars, Ticks & More
  • Custom Headline Fonts
  • Multiple Rating Options: Out of 10 or Percentages
  • Clone Block Functionality
  • Unlimited Use / Add Multiple Blocks To Any Page

The best part is everything is truly point & click. We have made it incredibly simple. There’s absolutely no need for coding at all. Just use the simple editor & have a stunning review block to add to your existing pages in no time!

Before deciding to buy any packages, you have to consider all of the benefits carefully so as to maximize your satisfaction in the long run. For more useful information, I highly recommend that you should visit this website once:

What Else Can Commission Gorilla V2 Do?

Automated Bonus Delivery:
The software automatically generates bonus delivery pages for your buyers as you build out your bonus pages.

Monetized Down-load Pages:
Set up special ‘invisible’ bonuses that only show on your delivery pages for ads, upsells & cross-promotions.

Built In Stats Dashboard:
See at a glance your best offers, top converters & which of your bonus pages are getting most clicks & sales.

Cloud Based Software:
Nothing to install or update! Just login & use. All future updates & add-ons will be instantly available to you FREE!


“It’s A Great Deal. Should I Invest Today?”

Not only are you getting access to Commission Gorilla V2 for the best price ever offered, but also You’re investing entirely without risk. Commission Gorilla V2 include a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. When you choose Commission Gorilla V2, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with it for any reason within the first 30 days, you’re entitled to a full refund – no question asked. You’ve got nothing to lose! What Are You Waiting for ? Try It today and get The Following Bonus Now !

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