Camtasia Mastery Review – Create KILLER Videos

What is Camtasia Mastery?

Camtasia Mastery is a powerful product which enables you to create fantastic videos using templates and experienced training of the creator, Ron Hogue. You know, the previous version of Camtasia Mastery was a best seller on-line for months and received much love from students in over 100 countries. Now, Ron Hogue is about to make a comeback with Camtasia Mastery which contains new and improved features in order to lets you create the most creative, professional video clips faster than ever.

Camtasia Mastery Overview

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About Author

Camtasia Mastery is made by Ron Hogue who is an award-winning trainer as well as JVZoo “Product of the Day” earner. He has teamed up with Lon Naylor who is well-known as the go-to guru for Camtasia, Product co-creator with 6-figure launch & Top affiliate for video products as well. These guys know completely how to help you truly change the way you make video clips, faster, simpler and better. Therefore, you can put trust in them to buy this tool.

What You Get

Done-For-You Templates
Create videos in minutes with templates for must-have videos like Logo Revealer, YouTube End Card, and Call to Action.

Over 7 Hours of Training
Learn through over-the-shoulder instruction as Ron guides you through learning all the major elements of the Camtasia Studio® software program.

Downloads of All Videos
Watch anyplace, any time. Down-load every instructional video in MP4 format and watch on any device.

30-Day Guarantee
You get an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee with the Camtasia® Mastery training program. Get expert training or get a full refund.

What You Will Learn

Master the Software within Hours
You get the complete A-Z process. They will start with where to down-load the Camtasia Studio® software program and how to install it, to planning our videos, to recording our screen & audio, to editing the video & audio, and finally producing their video & uploading it.

Get the Audio Right to Sound Like a Pro
There is nothing more important to your video’s quality, than its audio. Bad audio can ruin a great video. You’ll  learn how to record your audio, how to edit your audio, and how to apply noise removal to make your audio as clear as possible.

Save Time with Tips & Tricks
Cut editing time by a third or more by planning your videos before recording. Learn tips & tricks to save you time and get your videos produced faster. From keyboard shortcuts for recording and editing to applying changes across multiple clips at once, your workflow will get faster.

Produce Videos to Look Great with Small Files
Learn about several different video terms and settings like aspect ratio, compression, resolution, file formats, and frames per second (fps). You will also learn best practices for video settings so your view has the best experience without file sizes getting massive.

Keep Viewers’ Attention by Removing Distractions
You do not want to just click record on your computer without first tidying up a bit. You will find out how to clean up your desktop, add branding, remove interruptions, and eliminate browser histories so your viewer does not get distracted by things that you may not even notice.

Practice Your Skills with Real-World Assignments
There is no better way to learn and to reinforce what you have learned, than by putting it into practice. At the end of each section you will find activities to complete. Get better, faster by using what you learn in sample or real-world projects.

Learn the Pros and Cons of Video Platforms
After your video masterpiece is created, it does not do any good to remain on your computer. You will learn about several video platforms that you can use to upload your video. They will also examine advantages & disadvantages over free and paid video hosting services.

Who Should Use Camtasia Mastery?

If you’re creating any types of videos online – sales videos, testimonial videos, training videos, or any online videos and you are using a Windows PC, you need to have Camtasia Mastery.
You will learn all his tips, tricks, templates, and so much more. And what’s great is, you do not even have to have Camtasia Studio tool first. Hell show you how to get a free, 30-day trial of the software.

Why Should You Get Camtasia Mastery Now?

Ron Hogue is helping marketers and trainers create fantastic videos using his templates & experienced training.
Ron has taught his video-making skills to students in over 100 countries and they love his Camtasia Mastery course. It’s been a best seller on-line for months and he’s dropped the price to a fraction of the cost for the next few days.

With the Camtasia Mastery course, you will learn how to create videos on your Windows PC using the industry’s leading screencast software. And if you do not have Camtasia Studio, you will learn how to down-load it and use it for free.


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