Amazing Selling Machine 8 Review

What’s inside the Amazing Selling Machine 8 course?

Let’s get back to our first question: What is the Amazing Selling Machine 8 all about?

Amazing Selling Machine 8 is an 8-weeks online course (you will get LIFETIME Access to it) that was started by Jason Katzenback & Matt Clark a few years ago.

It started out as “Amazon Money Machine 8“, but I believed that they have re-branded it to the new Amazing Selling Machine brand.

It has now grown to one of the biggest, most ambitious community of Amazon business owners.

Since this is the 8th version of Amazing Selling Machine, there had been a lot of changes & improvements in the course.

But the good thing about being a member of Amazing Selling Machine is that you get LIFETIME access to the course.

So if you are tight on schedule & you can not follow the 8-week course, it’s okay because you wll be able to get FULL access to it anytime.

If I am asked to describe Amazing Selling Machine in one sentence, here’s probably my best definition for the The Amazing Selling Machine 8:

Amazing Selling Machine 8 Overview

Why Sell On Amazon?

If you are not familiar with or any of it’s sites, it’s one of the top e-commerce & online selling websites in the world.

In the United States, Amazon has grown into the #1 on-line retailer. It’s revenue has grown exponentially in the last few years (they’d about $88 Billion in sales in 2014 with about 20% growth year over year).

And experts say that as more people become accustomed to e-commerce and buying on-line, online retail sites like Amazon would continue to explode & grow.

To put it simply, if you’re searching for more information, you go to or any other search engine.

But if you want to buy & sell physical products, you need to go to online retail sites (e-commerce sites) and the largest online retailer is Amazon.

People are using Amazon not to just search for information, but to look for reviews & deals of physical products they like to purchase.

There are basically two ways to sell on Amazon, but first you will need to setup an Amazon Seller Central Account.

If you want to sell unlimited products on Amazon (which I assume you would), you will need to signup as a professional seller on Amazon Seller Central. It’s a paid service (about $40/month), and there’s a one month free access when you sign-up.

If you are just starting out & your products aren’t yet ready to ship on Amazon, there is no need to waste your free month. Simply sign-up as an Individual (free membership) & then upgrade to the professional membership when your products are ready.

Two Ways To Sell on Amazon

You can either select “FBM” or “Fulfillment by Merchant”, which means Amazon will list your product on their web-site, but once an order comes in, you will have to do the product delivery, customer service, etc to make sure your product reaches your customer.

The other type is “FBA” or “Fulfillment by Amazon” which means that Amazon lists your product, and when orders comes in, Amazon will ship it for you, provide customer support & even handle refunds for you. This makes it possible for you to run an efficient on-line business that you can run almost semi-automatically for a small amount of fee (FBA Fees).

The Amazing Selling Machine 8 course focuses on teaching people how to start selling on Amazon using the “FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon Model”.

Why not just sell on your own e-Commerce web-site?

Yes, that’s a great question, the answer is because of leverage.

By using Amazon as a Fulfillment channel, you can focus more on promoting your products rather than focusing on the product shipping, tracking, refunds, etc.

If you are an e-commerce business owner, you will know that taking daily orders & managing them can easily become a daunting task.

Amazon has become very efficient with FBA & has opened tons of fulfillment warehouses across North America and in strategic locations around the world.

Another reason to use Amazon, is because they have tons of traffic. People are constantly searching & purchasing products on Amazon. The Amazing Selling Machine course teaches various methods on how you can use Amazon’s traffic to drive more sales to your products.

In a traditional e-commerce website, you will have to drive traffic to your product listing in order to make a sale, and this could mean a lot of cash, or it could take a lot of time before you can drive traffic to your sites (as with Search engine optimization).

1. The Main Training Modules

This is the core of the program…

It starts from scratch, so do not worry if you have no idea about selling on Amazon…

You will first get an overview of the Amazon Seller Central & how to create your account & what to do if you aren’t living in the USA.

One of the updates to the 8th version is that they show you how to sell on another version of Amazon, not only Amazon US like the earlier versions. So you learn how to sell on Amazon UK, Germany, & Japan.

After you finish this first step, you will learn how to find a hot product opportunity including the criteria of a big chance.

An entire module is dedicated to the product selection process (this is the most tedious step of the process, be patient while you’re searching, but do not overthink it. You will not be perfect from your first product. Just pick one & go on.)

After you pick your product, you will learn where & how to find suppliers for your product. You’ll learn everything whether you want to source from the USA in case you sell things like supplements. And you will learn how to source from China mainly using Alibaba.

You will learn how to order & evaluate product samples then place your first inventory order to sent it to Amazon FBA.

Of course, they will teach you also about branding, packaging, designs, and labeling & everything you need to start running. This covers different shipping types & what you need to start.

After that, you will learn the right way of creating your first product listing while you’re waiting for the inventory to arrive. You will learn things like finding the right keywords, copywriting for your listing page, creating images, & all other listing components.

Now after that, you will be ready to make your first sale 🙂

The next modules are directed towards launching your products, creating a surge of traffic to it, engaging your customers, and building a friendly relationship with them.

Of course, I can not tell you many details about these tactics, but you will get what you need to achieve the success you have always dreamed of. All you need to do is to follow the system especially if you are a newbiees.

After you release your product, you will learn how to use Facebook & Pinterest to boost your sales. How to get reviews & how to get and maintain positive seller feedback.

When you’re well-established you will need to register your brand. Don’t worry, you will learn this as well here.

Later, you will learn when to add more products to sell and how to scale your business…

This includes building your team of employees to delegate your tasks so you work on your business not in it.

They teach you also when to expand to other Amazon sites especially the European sites like UK & Germany. The entire process is shown in details here (this is of Amazing Selling Machine 8 course if you start out with Amazon US which is

When you’re ready to take your business to the next level, you’re covered as well…

This is when you will need to find new ventures outside Amazon (a.k.a start your own Shopify eCommerce store.)

All you need from registering with Shopify till you have your store ready & selling, building an email list of loyal customers, & even using analytics to make knowledgeable business decisions.

Of course, the legal part is covered as well including trademark registry, legal pages of your site, protecting your patents and brand,…etc.

2. Live Coaching Calls

These are live calls with Matt, Jason, & other members of the team & successful Amazing Selling Machine members…

Each call is following every module. You can get your questions answered during these calls, get new insights, & get direct help.

If you can not make it live to the calls, you can always watch the recordings that will be posted in the members’ area.

3. Private Community

This is an awesome forum for Amazing Selling Machine buyers only. You can get all the help you want there from other members & Amazing Selling Machine mentors.

This community is an awesome place to share ideas, get motivation & inspiration, and start networking with other members.

4. Mentorship Program & Support

If you still need anything after all of this, you can contact the Amazing Selling Machine mentors or the support team who will happily help you solve your issues.

So as you see you have nearly everything you need to build & scale your Amazon & eCommerce business here in details. You have no excuse for failure.

Take action & start living your dream today.

The Course Modules

This ASM course includes 8 different modules with each module taking one week. It has been designed like this to help you stay on the path &  ensure that you achieve success &  get a higher competition rate. Here are the modules

Module 1

Account creation & fundamentals- This module explains how to setup your business with Amazon seller. It also explains to you how to do a proper analysis &  choose the product that will sell well on amazon.

Module 2

Picking the product- This module teaches how to select the best product which has less competition. You’ll also understand why designing & labeling your package is very important.

Module 3

Amazon listing set up- In this module, you’ll learn how to list your items using the right keyword. You’ll also learn some proper on-page SEO so that your product can rank well.

Module 4

Creating a killer product- This module will teach you how you can start in the right way which is very important to establish your brand & product on amazon.

Module 5

The listing launch formula- This is a very important module because it teaches you how to promote & drive traffic to your amazon product listing.

Module 6

Product promotion secret- Here, you’ll learn about brand awareness & how you can boost it with sales tactics.

Module 7

The ultimate sales accelerator- Once your sales are consistent & your brand is established, this module will teach you how to accelerate them further. You’ll also know how to accelerate your sales more. More so, you’ll know how to use review magnets to boost your sales more.

Module 8

Outsourcing & scaling- This last module is all about scaling & outsourcing your business more. You’ll learn how to outsource the non-income activities so as to concentrate on profitable activities.

The Cost/Price

The amazing selling machine 2017 comes with two payment options

1. A payment of $3497 which is one time.

2. A payment of $997 which is 4 monthly installment totaling to $3988.

Who is ASM 8 meant for?

This ASM 8 is meant for experienced marketers who want to increase their income by expanding their businesses. Since it’s a high ticket program, you need to have the money to buy it & a few more dollars to invest in your first products. If you lack the experience or you’re struggling with your finances then the program is not meant for you.


  • With this program, you do not need a website & you also do not have to be experienced in SEO, PPC & affiliate marketing.
  • This program has the best customer support. They provide a full-time customer support where you can call, email, and that with them 24/7. They promise to solve any issue within 24 hours.
  • You get all the traffic from amazon which is one of the largest market places in the world.
  • This program doesn’t depend on Google hence you won’t be affected even if there is a change.
  • You don’t have to be a resident of the US.
  • You can start with a small capital & gradually grow your business.
  • There is a network of community members where you’ll get all the support that you need.
  • You’ll get a lifetime membership into an exclusive member’s only community. This is where you can interact with other members & know more about the product.


  • Priced at $3497, this program is very costly.
  • It’s only meant for experienced marketers.


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