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Running a links page - made easy!

If you're running a busy links page already, you know its a never-ending job. New links submitted, old ones going out of date...

And if you're doing it by hand, then you know how easy it is for HTML errors to creep in. You know that keeping everything up to date is a long, time-consuming and often tedious task.

Well, that's why I decided to create an automated, web-based links page management system - to make my life easier. Now it can make your life easier too!.

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How does it work?

Instead of maintaining your links page by hand, with your link data all mixed up with HTML code, the link data is stored in a database, and your links page is generated automatically in HTML on our server.

Instead of having to type in all the new link information yourself, we provide a link submission form that anyone can use. The new links are then kept for you to review, edit and accept or delete.

You can also define your own colours, layout and choice of fonts; write your own headings and introduction text; include additional links and 'clickable' email addresses; and build in a hit counter, choosing from dozens of number styles. And you can do all this without knowing any HTML.

We provide our own 'colour mixer' that allows you to mix and match font and background colors... and you can experiment freely with different settings using the 'preview' facility, and only 'publish' the page when you are satisfied with the result. At that point your page is placed at


Using offers a number of benefits to users, for example:

  • People applying for links enter the data themselves - you just accept, edit or reject
  • No more HTML errors - like a missing / in http://, causing broken links
  • Powerful web tools to manage your links, define headings etc
  • Select your own colours, fonts, layout, without needing to know any HTML
  • Your own hit counter - choose from dozens of styles, or keep it hidden


Here's a few websites you can look at that are making use of

The system works equally well for a page of just a few dozen links, going up to many hundreds or even thousands if that's what you want.

How much does it cost?

It's free! All we ask in return is that you carry a modest amount of advertising by Google, and two Google search boxes.

If you do not want the advertising and search boxes, the cost will depend on the nature and scale of your operation, the intensity of use and computer resources (diskspace and bandwidth). The following are guide prices only:

  • Major corporations - 1,000 + / year
  • Big companies, institutions, Government departments - 500 / year
  • Small / medium-sized companies, University departments, local Government, major NGOs - 250 / year
  • Micro companies, small NGOs - 100 / year
  • Individual pages, unfunded voluntary initiatives, community sites - 50 / year

If you're unsure, try it out now on a 2-week free trial.

Your automated links page manager